Drag N Drift (GTA5 PC)

A GTA Online PC car meet community that was established by and for car guys, photographers, and racers.

Drag N Drift (GTA5 PC)

Created: February 21, 2021

Members: 4083

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The area where Drag N Drift shines most at is the daily meets. Members of Drag N Drift always look forward to coming to our meets, whether it is after a long day of school or a tedious work shift. Sometimes not everyone can attend our meets due to the time that the meet is hosted at, but that is perfectly fine because we have weekly contests where members send pictures of their car builds. The winner is determined by the quality of their car. Drag N Drift is a server that is also big on photography. More often than not you will see hundreds of photos posted a week in our photography channels by our amazing members, where you can see a recap of the meets hosted during the week. Photography is not your cup of tea? Well thats fine we have dedicated Media Team members that are dedicated to making wonderful and creative cinematics that are fun to watch. Well that was a brief summary, there is much more to our wonderful community than just that. The only way to find out is to join and experience the fun for yourself!

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