Edinburgh Gaming Society

This server is the main online forum for gamer students at the University of Edinburgh. Anyone curious is welcome!

Edinburgh Gaming Society

Created: March 27, 2016

Members: 1648

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University of Edinburgh’s Gamesoc is a resilient society that has evolved over 20 years, despite many ups and downs. Discord as a social media is the least cynical, and allows communities to build themselves ground up rather than utilize algorithms to connect users. The society itself has in person events, but also online events through Discord itself. Discussions and shared experiences are a great tool to get to know and trust one another, which is one of our goals here at Gamesoc. We understand it is difficult for some to socialize in person, so starting with our server is a great way for the Neurodivergent and other minorities, or otherwise shy individuals to feel safe from fear and judgement in our server.
We also have server hosted kindly by other students at the University of Edinburgh’s Informatics Department.

Our sister society, Edinburgh Eclipse, handles competitive gaming, so check them out if you feel like our overall more casual environment is not for you. We share our in person weekly pub nights.

If you are not a student or prospective student, you can use our server as the main tool to communicate matters to the Society’s Committee, since Discord is an efficient medium to relay Committee decisions to all members, but also for criticisms and democratic change to be relayed from members to Committee. The event organization process is also facilitated through Discord’s platform.

Good Temperance and we hope to see you soon!

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