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Created: October 22, 2021

Members: 2701

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ELITE has active voice channels throughout the day with members from all timezones to hang out with, chill, and play games! We also have several text-to-speech bots to help support those who do not have microphones.

Our members are fun and humorous. Simultaneously, we ensure the community is safe-for-work and inclusive. We strive to make the atmosphere as wholesome and positive as possible, and work hard to grow as people. Our members come from a variety of backgrounds, and we work to make sure we respect ourselves and each other, and conduct ourselves with pride and honor.

Our staff are chill and mature. We make sure punishments start with warnings to give everyone a chance to grow, but for repeat offenders, we also take our rules seriously to maintain a healthy environment. Decisions are made as a group and we work hard to select maturity and emotional stability in our highest ranks.

Our ever-growing roster of games includes Territorial.io, Chess, Geogeussr, Nation States, Minecraft, Civ, and Hearts of Iron.

We’re here for the long haul, building an amazing community for people like you. Come join us in ELITE!

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