The biggest server for GG Strive in the EMEA region. Join for matchmaking and weekly events for all levels of plays.

Created: November 13, 2021

Members: 2076

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This is a matchmaking and improvement focused Guilty Gear Strive server for people from the EMEA region.

Featuring over 1500 players from all over Europe, Middle East and Africa, our community welcomes any type of player, from a baby FG player to a seasoned veteran of the genre.

Use #matchmaking to find opponents or join one of our weekly events in #sign-up. After a hard-fought match, head on over to #replay-review or one of the Character Channels for help and advice from our Guides.

Alternatively, enjoy just chatting in #general or engaging in non-GG related topics such as #food and #art.

Get to know our members, develop connections and friendships, and the path to Progress will become that much easier to tread.

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