EvoZzz eFootball Club

A friendly and welcoming server based on the virtual soccer/football game eFootball. Free Cash Reward Tournaments n more

EvoZzz eFootball Club

Created: June 07, 2021

Members: 1640

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This server is the official server of the YouTuber Evo PES HD, which is mainly based on the augmented football/soccer virtual game called eFootball PES, supporting all platforms in this server.

It also supports other games in this server, and least, if you’re not a fan of games at all and still want to have fun, we’re still onto it!
We have all topic discussions and events, to keep every user entertained here!

A few perks include:

Only eFootball Pes server with daily giveaways and often free cash reward tournaments!

Helping mods!

High perks for every good tasks!

A YouTuber’s server where event winners get huge shoutouts etc

Specific channels to show your art / concept work!

Dank heists!

Sponsored and paid Pes Giveaways!

Soccer guru tournaments ,

Weekly competitions ,
Server scores etc…

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