FactionFiles is a community passionately dedicated to the Red Faction video game series.


Created: February 23, 2018

Members: 2776

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FactionFiles is the largest community anywhere that’s dedicated to the Red Faction series. We host regular events for both Red Faction and Red Faction: Guerrilla, provide support for the creation and use of mods, maps and fan-created patches, sponsor and organize the occasional tournament, and host an enormous amount of files.

Since we launched in September 2009, FactionFiles has remained dedicated to its core mission: to foster a welcoming, approachable, and safe community for everyone who cares about the Red Faction series. Level designers, mod developers, storywriters, tournament players, speedrunners, casual players, and even those who haven’t yet even played the games – whether you started playing Red Faction in the spring of 2001 or hadn’t heard of it until this morning, everyone is welcome at FactionFiles!

If you like the Red Faction universe or any of the games set within it, you’ll feel right at home on FactionFiles.

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