FFS Gaming

FFS Gaming is a MTA: SA community. We are the largest racing type server and one of the most popular servers overall.

FFS Gaming

Created: June 25, 2018

Members: 4337

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FFS Gaming (formerly named FFS Racing) is a Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas racing community which was founded in April 2010 by Bauss and Reny. It started out as a DM/DD server, launched on June 29th 2010. Our main principle is to stand out of the crowd, innovate and to be a trendsetter. We are the home of different mapping tools (VCLG & Toolbox) that kickstarted a new era in mapping. In December 10th 2011, FFS merged with SHC (Small Hustlers Crew). In summer 2012, we launched the first multi-gamemode server on the platform, which quickly became a big success. On February 22th 2015, we have beaten the record that stands still – 824 players online! In December 3th 2015, we merged with one of the oldest & biggest communities – FOTL (Firestarters Of The Land), adding a whole legacy of WFF (Who Finishes First) tournament to FFS. Today, we are the #1 largest racing type server on MTA: SA, and one of the most popular servers overall.

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