Fish Bowl

DayZ Xbox-PVP, factions, & raid weekends-Trader-First person-Boosted loot.

Fish Bowl

Created: March 14, 2022

Members: 2891

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We started out as a group of close-nit friends that went down the rabbit hole of not being able to finding a community server worth putting our time into. We played official for over a year and got tired of the duping and endless alts. Eventually, we gave community servers another shot. After a year of studying the server we learned how to build a custom server and discord that we could truly make our own based on our opinion of what is ‘perfect’.

Our goal for Fish Bowl is to have the ‘official’ feel. Of course our server is slightly boosted, but you will still have to work to survive.

The rules here on Fish Bowl are not hard to follow. Mainly, we ask players to be fair, honest, and respectful. If you play the game as you should, you shouldn’t be breaking any rules. If you are caught breaking ANY rules you could be permanently banned from the server and the discord. Our ticket system is a great way to have a direct conversation with the admins of the server. Please use this to communicate any comments or concerns.

And do remember, as a friend from the past said…….


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