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# Fishstick-Bot Support Servernnn# What is Fishstick Bot?nnFishstick is a fortnite account managing discord bot. You can login upto 3 fortnite accounts for free on a single discord account and auto claim daily rewards, free llamas etc. It has multiple commands to help you manage your fortnite account.nn# Invite BotnnInvite bot by clicking [here]( can join Fishstick Bot Support Server by clicking [here]( Featuresnn- Check out all bot commands [here]( Automatically claim STW daily everyday for you.n- Automatically claims free llamas for you whenever they are there.n- Claim your Daily STW Reward.n- Show your V-Bucks.n- Get your Linked External Accounts.n- Show when you can change your Display Name next/Number of changes.n- Change your Homebase Name.n- Show if you have 2FA enabled.n- Show your Account Creation Date.n- Show the current BR shop.n- And many more Features!nn# Pricenn- It has a freemium model. Premium costs 10$ for lifetime.nn# Supportnn- You can support our bot by voting for the bot and inviting the bot to your server.n

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