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The People's Cryptocurrency. FLOKI combines Meme, Vikings, ⭐Movement, Gaming, Metaverse, NFT, Charity & more

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Created: July 04, 2021

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We were born from the deep depths of the bear market.. It feels rather apt this market will see the rebirth of the strongest communities.

It is much like fighting the forces of evil.

The naysayers can spew whatever nonsense they like, it has no effect on us in the long term as long as they do not infiltrate your belief process.

In life you learn something every day – Much is the same in business.

I liken most business’ to building a race car…

You will encounter various issues, or even a weak component that requires replacing or refitting.

Sometimes even race cars break down on you. You don’t just give up on your passion do you?

Nothing by design can flow in perfect harmony.

Challenges such as those we have been through and that which all of crypto is going through is merely a test.

What you need is patience, a strength of mind, a great community with the will to not give up. We have all of those within this community.

When all is said and done, when race day comes, you need your machine ready with your crew behind you.

No champion ever completed their journey on their own.

It is these uncertain times the strongest versions of you will prevail. ⚔️


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