Football Legend

Football Legend is an online F2P football game, developed by Remake Network.

Created: August 26, 2020

Members: 1472

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Football Legend is not just a game, it’s a celebration of the beautiful game of football. Immerse yourself in the world of soccer with stunning graphics, realistic gameplay, and a passion for the sport that knows no bounds.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your football journey, Football Legend offers an unparalleled experience. Customize your team, strategize your tactics, and compete against players from around the globe. With a deep career mode, thrilling multiplayer matches, and a dedicated community, Football Legend brings the excitement of the pitch to your fingertips.

Join us in the pursuit of football greatness. Become a legend on the field, create unforgettable moments, and write your own chapter in the story of football. The legend starts here.

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