Free State Project

Are you looking for liberty in your lifetime? Libertarians, ancaps, liberty-conservatives, move to New Hampshire!

Free State Project

Created: February 19, 2019

Members: 1814

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This server is the official server of the Free State Project, which is a movement to achieve Liberty in our Lifetime by bringing liberty-lovers from all over the world to the Live Free or Die state, New Hampshire.

If you find seat-belt laws obnoxious, despise authoritarian war-hawks, won’t eat ze bugs, treat tax avoidance as a pastime, have actually finished reading Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises, and want to bring about Liberty in our Lifetime, then join this server. Make friends with people on the discord server so that you know what you’re getting involved in before you move.

We know picking up and leaving to move to a new place can be difficult, we’ve done it. Let us give you the information you need, the community that you need, and the motivation you need to make your New Hampshire dreams a reality.

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