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Created: October 24, 2021

Members: 26360

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VantaFox is the centre of freelance, networking, opportunities, progress & more…

Joining us you will get access to daily job listings and opportunities to join or form businesses with like-minded users! Additionally, as a VantaFox user, you will obtain access to different supportive categories, including networking, start-up success and more.

This is also the perfect place to connect and form friendships with people of similar interests and passions! Featuring experts from every industry whom can provide you with free advice & success strategies! We also provide occasional interactive lectures hosted by experienced entrepreneurs/freelancers!

If you’re someone who has a hobby or two, feel free to join us, and you can turn your passion into money! With our special beginner’s guide and our courses (with industry insights), you can step into the freelance world for free. It doesn’t hurt to make a few bucks in your spare time, does it?

Looking to get a job done quickly? Or maybe hire someone for a long-term gig? Our freelancers is just what you need! With payments secured by ESCROW, negotiable rates, and experts in every field!

At VantaFox, you can become the best version of yourself, which will always equip you with success in freelance and all areas of life. We believe in innovation, hence, our members are free to let us know of any suggestions/improvements they think we should consider.

Did we mention that we also host fun games, events, and giveaways every other day?

Enter our server today and see how simple and exciting the world of freelance actually is!
Happy Freelancing!

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