Active space-themed server, where we aim to maintain a safe space and be supportive within a fun environment.


Created: December 23, 2020

Members: 10679

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Galaxity has been created for members to join, where they can have a place to go when bored or looking to have some fun. **Galaxity** is a active, SFW-friendly online community. 
What We Offer:

Active Discord Channels + Frequent Events Included! 
Multiple Fun Bots to Use (Dank Memer, OwO, PokeTwo, Etc.)
Frequent Nitro, Robux, General Giveaways!
Lots of Emoji/Emotes to Use!
Partners Channels, etc.
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❤️ We have our own Big YouTube Channel! We share our latest videos in the Discord server, what are you waiting for? **Join Us Now!**

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