MetaFans is a sports based project that offers weekly IRL VIP experiences all year long and weekly web3 sport pools!


Created: September 15, 2021

Members: 11158

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MetaFans is a Sports and Fandom based NFT community that provides its holders with once in a lifetime VIP experiences and opportunities to attend sporting events, concerts, music festivals and more! MetaFans is also officially partnered with the Miami Marlins! MetaFans offers weekly sports pools to win thousands of dollars in ETH. They also run many charity events and make very large donations to the charities of their ambassadors (Anthony Rizzo, Dan Marino, Raheem Mostert). MetaFans has an untouched project wallet, with all of the minting funds remaining in the wallet, and daily events every week to press engagement among the community. To wrap it up, they offer an exclusive ticket website that provides their holders with some of the cheapest aftermarket tickets available!

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