GerFut | 1 Invite = bot perms

A unique server for the game known as MADFUT! We do giveaways, events, and much more! Join us now!

GerFut | 1 Invite = bot perms

Created: June 20, 2023

Members: 4386

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Our server is all about the game known as MADFUT! We give out packs, coins, and cards for members to have a pleasant time on the Discord server and to be able to get some help in moving forward in the game! We also have our very own MADFUT bot that allows us to give members more rewards. But MADFUT isn’t just that, we also have other bots that you can use, like Dank Memer, OWO, and many more! We also do many events and give away Nitro once in a while to the community! So join us now and start earning rewards!

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