GOATS Revived | Overwatch PUGs

Daily Overwatch 2 Pick Up Games and Events hosted in the server! We play 5v5 PUGS every week!

GOATS Revived | Overwatch PUGs

Created: September 01, 2021

Members: 2662

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We are an Overwatch PUG Server that runs 2-2 -2 and GOATS PUGS Daily! We also play Overwatch 2!

What We Offer to the Table:

Consistent and Daily Pick Up Games Every Week!
Two Formats we change between for PUGS!
An actively growing community!
Public Discord Server! Flash Giveaways!
Collaborative Events!
We play on a Code that emulates the 2018-2019 GOATS Experience!
Surprises and More!

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