GoldRush Roleplay

Welcome to the Western Commonwealth, partner! An open world in the wild west! What will be written in your story today?

GoldRush Roleplay

Created: October 03, 2021

Members: 29435

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Embark on your journey in the Western Commonwealth during the late years of the Wild West. Make a name for yourself across the four territories of the Commonwealth, seize riches from Mexico, and explore the beauty of Guarma.

Or maybe… Set yourself in present day — embark on multiple heist missions with your crew, become the next drug lord of Los Santos, explore the wonders of Cayo Perico, or host race tournaments to see who’s the best of the best.

GoldRush Roleplay is a gaming roleplay community that has been around since October of 2021.

Ever since the launch of GoldRush, it has grown to become a larger gaming community than just RedM alone.

As a whole GoldRush represents role playing to enjoy the natural balance of smooth interaction and respecting the rules.

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