Greenfield Minecraft

We are the official server of the Greenfield Minecraft Project. An 11 year old city project with THOUSANDS of buildings.

Greenfield Minecraft

Created: November 20, 2016

Members: 9036

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This server is meant to be a place for our build members to coalesce, bond, and keep in touch and in line with our project as we build more into our city.

In addition to that, this server is also a place for our fans to interact with our build team members, including the highest levels of our staff team to receive feedback on their work, show off their work, or just talk about projects in general.

Basically, join if any of the following are true:
* You want to keep up-to-date on the Greenfield project
* You want to become a build member someday
* You want to show off your work to other people in the community
* You want to receive feedback on your projects

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