Hub for GW2 WvW players, and home to the Occulta Potestas guild on the Kaineng (NA) server.

Created: February 28, 2020

Members: 5719

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Our community provides a hub for all WvW players to come together and share ideas as well as videos, streams and other media about the latest happenings in WvW. We also welcome and provide excellent resources for new players to get them started on their WvW journey.

Our Discord is also the home of the [OP] Occulta Potestas guild currently on the NA server: Northern Shiverpeaks. [OP] is part of a wider alliance of guilds ready and prepared for when the long-awaited Alliance System replaces traditional GW2 Servers. Combined with our alliance partners from various timezones including OCE and SEA, we will be able to field WvW groups for a large portion of the day, every day. Joining us guarantees that no matter what time of day you wish to play, you’re virtually guaranteed to find a group to run with!

Our raids are led by some of the most experienced WvW commanders. We also operate a custom currency system, where players who play in our groups can earn WARbucks for their participation. WARbucks are apportioned entirely based on your in-game WvW participation in that play session and can be used to redeem various prizes, including occasional raffles.

We look forward to meeting you!

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