H.E.L.L. High

This server is all about creating OCs and making friends! Hell high is made up of three creative communities!

H.E.L.L. High

Created: April 17, 2021

Members: 1119

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Hell high is a lore based school that is held in the underworld, your character can range from a zombie to a demon, angel, and even a human! Create an oc wearing our uniform to enrol, join the roleplay server to interact with other characters if you prefer writing, or meet other peoples OCs in the artist community side of Hell High and create connections–and friendships!

We have an art club where you are given a prompt each month, we team with another artist discord server so that there’s always events and challenges that you can never get bored with, Hell High is a wholesome, welcoming community to all, why not join and take a look for yourself?

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