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Halo HQ is where you can find any of your halo needs whether its in the server or through our various partners!!

Halo HQ

Created: January 28, 2018

Members: 1583

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Halo HQ is a general hub for any and all halo related things. If we don’t have what you’re looking for then we are most definitely partnered with another server that has what you’re looking for.

We have lore discussions, sharing of various different content created by fans from across the halo community, looking for group channels, events and giveaways with prizes here and there, twitch streams and various youtube videos from podcasts to cameos, regularly updated halo news, ability to share in game mods with others that may be interested, sharing of streams and videos that members create, discussions with well known members from around the community, channels for clans to communicate with each, voice channels for discussions and for members to use while in game with each other, ability to communicate across languages without any barrier for members that may not speak english or may not understand non-english speaking members, and much much more.

We try to be all inclusive for the halo community while keeping a fun and safe environment for all members to relax and share their favorite things about halo whether they are a classic older fan or a newer fan.

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