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Organizing tournaments for the Heroes of the Storm Amateur scene

Heroes Lounge

Created: July 06, 2016

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This server is the hub of the largest EU Heroes of the Storm amateur league.
If you want to play Heroes of the Storm in a competitive environment at any skill level, with proper communications and a league table, this is the place to be!
Find new friends, teams and fight for your place in the playoffs!
Grand final winners are awarded a keepsake prize to cherish for years after!
Not only do we have our normal seasons that have been running for many years, we also have our alternate competitions.
Every Monday during the season we have the Nexus Rumble! A light hearted competition with the idea of fighting for the top and getting variety in your games!
Twice a year we hold the Athena Championships, a womens’ tournament to help promote a safe space for women in esports both as players and organisers!
So what are you waiting for, if you want to play Heroes of the Storm the way it’s meant to be played, come join Heroes Lounge!

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