Heroes Uprising (FREE MINT SOON)

Heroes Uprising is a fantasy-themed Free-to-Play and Play-and-Earn turn-based RPG card game.

Heroes Uprising (FREE MINT SOON)

Created: April 05, 2022

Members: 3247

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Heroes Uprising is a free-to-play turn-based RPG strategy game with a fantasy theme that allows players to win rewards through combat. The game uses blockchain technology to reward participants for their participation. To play Heroes Uprising, you’ll need three from each of the two main NFT components: Heroes and Swords. But you can play-test the game and win rewards with our free beginning Heroes and Swords. Additionally, there will be free starting Heroes and Swords that are not NFTs. These are merely game assets that behave like NFTs, but they cannot be traded or sold to other players. Heroes Uprising wants to emphasize the endurance and sustainability of the game by connecting with the project’s natural liquidity source.

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