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We're a friendly community focused on history, open to those who wish to learn more about history

History of Everything

Created: December 06, 2021

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We’re a friendly community focused around the history, open to those who wish to learn more about history or improve their current knowledge, as well as those looking to teach others with their knowledge. You can freely share your opinions here without being afraid for personal hate! We have anti-toxicity rules and great moderation which would prevent any toxic users to be here. nnWe organise regular community events and have a dedicated staff of talented historians available to assist around the clock. Whether you’re looking to learn more about history or working on a complex essay, research or any lab assignment, we’ve got someone who can help you if you get stuck. nnWe have a lot of daily content posts which help users better to know their interests and make an intrigue to discover more, all posts are made in the morning so users could share it with their friends.nnOur server has a great amount of professional historians who are ready to help in any history era!

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