Hujan Kata

Hujan Kata is a place for you to work and exchange ideas about literature, art, science, socio-culture and photograph.

Hujan Kata

Created: July 28, 2021

Members: 2616

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Rain of Words is a server for those of you who like literature, art and photography. Here you can create, appreciate each other and give opinions, exchange ideas and thoughts, and even find friends who share a hobby.

╰─➛✎﹏ | Features! .°• ੈ♡₊˚•.

• User family friendly ˎˊ˗
• Channel specializing in literature, art and photography ˎˊ˗
• Weekly Prompˎˊ˗
• Podcast/radio events on air ˎˊ˗
• Customized voice channel & Lofi 24/7 ˎˊ˗
• Various bots (music, games, etc.) ˎˊ˗
• Giveaway ˎˊ˗
• And many more

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