Hypixel Speedruns

A community of people who beat games on the Hypixel Minecraft server as fast as possible. As seen on speedrun.com!

Created: April 01, 2018

Members: 1106

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Hypixel Speedruns is a community of Minecraft players who compete against one another for faster times in completing specific challenges on the Hypixel Network on Minecraft: Java Edition.

These challenges, typically being winning a minigame, are tracked through leaderboards on the website speedrun.com, the world’s largest hub of speedrunning content. All of the runs supported by our team and community are found on the Hypixel series on speedrun.com.

Speedrunning brings a new way to play Hypixel! We are very welcoming to all Minecraft players, Hypixel players, and general game speedrunners out there looking for something new to do. If you ever get bored of your traditional Hypixel Bedwars game, speedrunning opens up a new world of possibilities to spice up your gameplay.

Hypixel is also a very unique series on speedrun.com because many of our categories are dependent on the other players within a minigame, activating a more reactionary approach to the game than many other speedgames.

Anyways, that’s us and what we have in store! We hope to see you here! 🙂

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