Insydin is a NFT organization which is focused on producing unique and original nft collections in the web3.0 space.

Created: December 21, 2021

Members: 477

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Insydin Is A NFT Organisation With Some Of The Highest Graphics , Aesthetic Looking Artworks. We are Focused On Producing Unique And Original NFT Collections In The Web3.0 Space. We Will Make This Possible With The Help Of Several Young , Talented Artists And Developers.Insydin Is A Highly Collaborative Community Designed To Give The Artists What They Deserve And Also To Grow The Web 3.0 Space In The World. After a certain point when we think that we can help the artists to what they deserve, We will start a documentary about the search of talented artists so that they can get an opportunity based on their talents. We will invite the artists and test their capability, The ones who are capable enough will get invited to Insydin and get verified artist position or you can say role. We are planning to do this after a certain point when Insydin gets enough fame and hype in the NFT space so that we can help the artists financially by promoting their NFT’s & Artworks on our socials & other platforms. As we all know in India, their is not scope/career for the artists. They do not get what they deserves, So this will be a vast step towards the well-being development of the country. We Are Collaborating With Reputed Game Development Studios And Esports Organisations To Take Our Project To The Next Level And Providing A Trustworthy Platform To The Artists Which Are Very Talented And Giving Them A Opportunity To Represent Themselves In The Global Scale.

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