Integrity Roleplay

The most immersive whitelisted community on Emergency Response: Liberty County.

Integrity Roleplay

Created: April 27, 2023

Members: 1226

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Rule 1. Advertising is not tolerated

Do not advertise in any way if you are caught advertising you will receive appropriate moderation action. If this behaviour repeats you will be banned from our community.

Rule 2. Any NSFW or inappropriate content

Any NSFW posted will result in a immediate ban from the community. Posting anything sexual, racist, inappropriate, or malicious is prohibited.

Rule 3. Your nickname must be your Roblox username

Your nickname in our community must be your Roblox username failure to have it set as that will result in moderation action.

Rule 4. Alternate accounts are not allowed

Alternate accounts are prohibited from our community if you are found with one your main account and your alternate will be banned.

Rule 5. Listening to staff

When given an order by a staff member of our community you must listen to what they say. Ignoring their requests will result in moderation actions.

Rule 6. Raiding/Spamming

Any form of raiding or spamming will not be tolerated. Raiding and spamming are prohibited and you will be banned if caught doing it.

Rule 7. Dangerous links & Content

Any form of IP logging, scamming, requesting personal information, doxing will not be tolerated if you are caught doing any of this you will be banned and reported to discord.

Rule 8. Misusing channels

If you are caught misusing channels moderation actions will be taken.

Rule 9. Mental health

We are not qualified to provide mental health support. Discussion of suicide, self-harm, or other pitiable topics is not tolerated and will result in an immediate ban. Please seek professional guidance.

Rule 10. Pings

Malicious/ghost pings are not allowed. Please do not ping management members if you do moderation actions will be taken.

Rule 11. Giving answers to applications

Telling members out community answers to any applications is prohibited if caught doing it appropriate action will be taken.

Rule 12. English

We ask that you are only speaking English in our community so our staff team can moderate.

Rule 13. Bullying, discrimination and Respect

Any bullying, racism, personal attacks, harassment, or discrimination is prohibited. Discussion, memes, or other media depicting negative racial/anti-Semitic stereotypes are prohibited.

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