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Community built around DayZ. Meet fellow survivors, find servers to play and connect with the developers of iZurvive

iZurvive Official

Created: July 19, 2017

Members: 20346

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This Discord is all about DayZ and the iZurvive App.

Its a place to just meet other DayZ players, discover some interesting servers to play on and maybe find some friends to team up with

If you have an issue and need support for iZurvive, have some ideas for new features or just want to provide some general feedback, we’re always happy to hear from you and help you out where we can.

Maybe you’re interested to beta-test upcoming features? Then this is the place to get into the beta.

Do you speak a language thats not yet available in iZurvive? This is the place where you can help with translations if you want.

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