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Created: November 26, 2020

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An easy-to-use visual novel maker and player which will allow you to make a reality the stories you have in your mind and share them with the world.

Kocho is a free offline visual novel maker & player which allows you to play, create and share your own visual novel games in an easy way.

With Kocho, you can be the player or the creator of simple linear stories or more complex ones with multiple choices and routes, making a reality the stories you have dreamed.

As a player you will have access to community developed stories made by visual novels and anime fans. As a creator, you have at your disposal a powerful and easy to use visual novel engine that you can use on the go.

Kocho will take care of the coding so you can focus on the story, you can customize every aspect of your novel. You can:

• Add texts

• Add characters

• Add scenery (Background Images)

• Add music

• Add choices

• Change GUI

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