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Welcome to Kokoro 心 ~ A friendly anime ⋆ art ⋆ gaming ⋆ genshin ⋆ gaming ⋆ emotes ⋆ honkai community for making friends!

Kokoro 心   | Art ‣ Anime ‣ Manga ‣ Social ‣ Gaming ‣ Genshin ‣ Emotes ‣ LFG ‣ Valorant ‣ LGBTQ+

Created: July 06, 2019

Members: 99767

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What is Kokoro?
~ Kokoro 心 is a server dedicated to providing as much of a welcoming, relaxing hideout as possible for its members ~

What do we have to offer?
Large 100k community
Fun anime ‣ art ‣ gacha ‣ gaming communities
Plenty of emotes as well our own Kokoro-chan emotes
Server and gaming events weekly
Responsive and fun staff
LGBTQ+ Friendly
Looking for artists!

Why join us?
Looking for a chill, loving, and home-like environment to get attached to? Wander no further. For years, Kokoro 心 is a community which has succeeded in providing a fun getaway for its members. Come hop in and join us!

~ Drop by and say hi to our residents! ~

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