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Kounotori Token

Created: October 01, 2021

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In Japanese culture, the stork is believed to be a symbol of prosperity and longevity. As recounted in the folklore of old, storks would be seen to dive into the water, only to emerge with a mouthful of hidden treasures instead of fish. It is this imagery that has us believe this is the perfect symbol for our token, as we aim to provide a service that will return wealth to our investors for years to come.

We plan to create something that many before us have attempted but none have succeeded (at least not without major flaws). Where possible, we aim to improve on or entirely eradicate said flaws. Just as the stork plunges into the murky depths of the mundane lake only to burst forth, its beak glistening with treasure. So too, shall we dive headlong into the monotonous world of ERC-20 tokens and bring forth the unseen, amazing treasures that lie in wait, begging to be uncovered.

Our team is a group of crypto-enthusiasts that have grown tired of rug-pulls, honeypots, and developers that, quite frankly, have no idea how to treat their community or their project. We endeavour to provide an honest, clean project, that will always listen to its people. After all, without the will of the people, the investors, the storks braving the depths, this project cannot be a success.

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