Left 4 Dead 2

We are an active and friendly gaming server mainly focused on L4D series for the Left 4 Dead 2 and 1 Fans. L4D L4D1 L4D2

Left 4 Dead 2

Created: July 15, 2018

Members: 11399

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From the community, to the community.nu2726 Welcome to Left 4 Dead 2 u2727nuD83EuDDDF About us:nLeft 4 Dead 2 is an active and friendly gaming server mainly focused on Left 4 Dead game series, but everyone is welcome!nu30FBu30FBu2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501 u30FBu30FBnuD83DuDD2B We offer:n- a lot of self assignable roles and custom rolesn- a leveling system where each level distinguishes you from the other members, meaning you will be higher on the members list and be able to get custom color roles.n- cool and funny emojis and stickersn- voice chats, game nights, tournamentsn- help & support channeln- addons sharing channeln- Looking for Group channel, where you can find people from your region and platform to play withn- other languages channel, such as spanish, french, portuguese, russian and german, meaning you can speak these languages on the specific channeln- active and friendly members and staff looking for friends and playersn- most important of all, fun!nu30FBu30FBu2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501u2501 u30FBu30FBnWe don’t discriminate you for who you are nor judge you, so feel free to join!nuD83DuDC95 We’d love to see you here!

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