Legendary Treasures

We are a community related to the creator InfernalDrogoz & provide a variety of content and games for you to talk about!

Legendary Treasures

Created: October 08, 2019

Members: 1133

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Legendary Treasures is a Discord server built around a multitude of different ideals and communities into one (mainly related to gaming). We accept everyone here as long as they abide to our server rules. Everyone is free and welcome to join whether you like Pokemon, Minecraft, Paladins, Roblox, Overwatch, Netflix, Life, Nature, just anything in general! We will be more than happy to help any and all people who experience issues in games and more! We support each other here. The server is hosted by a content creator by the name of InfernalDrogoz with goals to provide fun, enjoyable and entertaining content to the community and provide a safe place for all. We hope you enjoy your stay here and dont hesitate to say hi!

<3 ~Infernal

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