Lichi Tweakz

A server that will forever dramastically enhance your gaming experience no matter what device you have !!!

Lichi Tweakz

Created: January 22, 2023

Members: 1659

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This server is a tweaking server to help you take advantage of your full gaming exoerience ! I started this server as i was one of the many people that suffered from having a bad low end device that really minimizes their gaming experience. This is why i decided to start the server and dedicate myself to tweaking to make gaming more enjoyable for everyone and build a nice based community. We have many paid packs that come for very cheap and also we have custom tweaks were you can select the type of tweaks you want for a very cheap price and we are the only server to this. However we realease new free packs very often as we know the struggles of the community and obviously host many giveaways.

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