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LLB Stadium

Created: January 03, 2016

Members: 4851

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The Lethal League Stadium was created by active top players and high-level community members to put Lethal League Blaze on the map! People no longer have to endlessly search ranked in hopes of finding a match, and instead can find people of all skill levels here. Whether you’ve just gotten the game or have plenty of hours under your belt, you’ll be able to find matches no problem.

On top of quick and friendly match-making, we also host tournaments regularly. If you’re scared of being smacked around by top players, you can try our New Player Tournament series (open to players with 200 hours or less) if you’re looking to get a taste of the action.

Tournaments not your style? The Stadium not only has guides and resources covering all the basics, but we also have some of the best players in the world available to teach you in our mentorship program.

If you’re interested in Lethal League Blaze at all, then join the Stadium! You won’t get a better Lethal League experience anywhere else.

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