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Created: June 16, 2021

Members: 1736

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LSCM is a car enthusiast based server where you can find car photos , car meets , car tips and many more things! Our goal is to unite the car enthusiast community under one server where everyone and anyone can trade ideas and tips between our members.

We offer daily car meets in some online games which are host organised and include hang out spots , photo spots , races of every type , and fun activities.

Another big feature of our server is the easy to navigate menu and friendly staff who are willing to help anyone in need.

We sometimes host collabs with other servers or even youtubers-streamers where we also host prize competitions.

Speaking of prize competitions here on LSCM we like to reward our members for every good they do, so we are trying our best to host races and events where the winner or winners can win ingame prizes or even real life ones !

If you consider your self a car enthusiast or a car lover LSCM is the RIGHT place for you!

What are you waiting driver ??? JOIN US!

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