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Created: May 22, 2019

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The World of Gaming is endless with thousands of Titles and Lots of Adventures to be had.

We here at LvLX want to give everyone a common ground for communication, grouping up, and above all else to give your gaming lifestyle a community and a home that doesn’t focus on one topic or title but can open the door to many future adventures.

LvLx exists because our founders, our staff team and the members of this community are involved in all types of games from top tier Triple A games all the way to the independent one developer companies just starting out and we want to give the people of their communities a place that exposes them to even more of what the world of gaming has to offer.
Welcome and Happy Gaming.

Here are some examples of what you can expect to find in our community:

– **Community support:** Connect with other gamers that want to party up, discuss anything gaming and both be exposed or give exposure to titles they find an interest in.
– **Resources:** Access News and Trailers as well as updates from our highlighted games as well as games the community or you see an interest in.
– **Tech support:** Get help troubleshooting technical issues related to both gaming as even content creation.
– **Custom bots:** Take advantage of our custom bots to automate tasks and add interactive features to your content and gaming experience.
– **Development:** Join us in a continued development effort to Enhance Gaming, finding people to play with, and hosting events and growth of games you find interesting.

Join us and let’s make the world of gaming a united front where no one feels left behind!

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