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A casual place for any and all Magic: The Gathering discussions. Multiple format channels for anything you can think of!

Magic and Chill

Created: March 24, 2016

Members: 4074

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Established in 2016, Magic and Chill is one of the largest independently run MTG Discord servers, grown to thousands of members through word of mouth entirely rather than as the byproduct of a content creator or website, meaning that we’re beholden to nothing but goodwill and your enthusiasm rather than profits or referral links!

We pride ourselves on encouraging critical but respectful discussions, representing all facets of the playerbase both casual and hyper competitive with almost every popular format having active players in the community, as well as areas to show off your creativity with custom cards, or understand the story of Magic through lore discussions.

With custom draft simulators, support for every platform both official and unofficial, as well as leaks and rumor discussions allowed, we’re your one stop shop for anything Magic related!

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