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Created: January 31, 2023

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Magic Journey is a Discord server dedicated to showcasing and researching prompts and styles for AI-generated art. Our library features a vast collection of categorized and tagged styles, currently encompassing six main categories: painters, illustrators, media, artstyles, techniques, and photographers. If you have a proposal for a new category or tag, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

One of the primary features of our server is the ability to explore styles in a convenient way. Browse through our library, find styles that inspire you, and use them as a reference for your own creations. If you use a style from our library, we encourage you to post your work in the corresponding artist/style post. This not only allows others to see how certain styles are explored but also gives your amazing artwork more visibility. Plus, our bot is present in these posts, so you can use the /imagine command to see how your art would look in the selected style.

Take part in themed artist-jams, where we challenge our community to create art within a specific theme or prompt. It’s a great way to challenge yourself creatively and connect with other artists in the community.

Our server is also a great resource for useful tips and articles that can help you create better posts. Check out the #useful-tips channel for articles and other helpful resources. We also have a channel called #usunięty-kanał, which features a list of keywords that might be used in certain themes. Plus, explore the workflows of other artists in the #dexter-lab channel.

Participate in art contests and image creating games to showcase your skills and win eternal glory!

Join us in Magic Journey, the biggest library of prompt styles on the internet!

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