MangoMC ▪ EarthSMP

A 1:500 duplicate of the real world can be found on MangoMC, a public Minecraft network.

MangoMC ▪ EarthSMP

Created: October 24, 2022

Members: 1552

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Our community members are warm and welcoming. And they strive to build stuff up and help others. They are incredibly supportive and always willing to help, whether it is with advice on minecraft or how to win a war our community is always there. The community has a lot of knowledgeable members who are experts in their respective fields, and they are always eager to share their experience and expertise with others.our community on our server is one that promotes positivity, inclusion, and mutual respect. It is a community where everyone is welcome, and nobody is judged based on their gender, race, or beliefs. We believe that everyone has something unique to offer, and we celebrate that diversity.

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