Community dedicated to the zombie escape game mode, mapping and game servers.


Created: January 16, 2016

Members: 2309

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The community is a passionate group of players who share a common interest in Zombie Escape game mode, mapping, and game server administration. The community is made up of players of varying skill levels, from newcomers to experienced players. Members of the community connect online to participate in thrilling Zombie Escape matches, where they work together as a team to survive waves of zombies and complete challenging objectives.

Mapping is another key aspect of the community. Members share their creativity and skills in creating custom maps for the Zombie Escape game mode. These maps offer a unique and exciting experience for players, with customized challenges and adventures. Maps are shared, tested, and improved within the community, fostering collaboration and learning among members.

In addition to the gameplay aspect, the community is also dedicated to game server administration. Members work together to maintain and manage the servers they play on, ensuring that they are up-to-date, functioning properly, and providing a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all players. The community values maintaining a friendly and respectful environment on the servers, promoting camaraderie and fun in the game.

The community is a place where players can connect, share strategies, learn from others, and indulge in their passion for Zombie Escape game mode, mapping, and game server administration. Members are passionate and committed, dedicating time and effort to grow and strengthen the community. In summary, the community is a lively and enthusiastic gathering of Zombie Escape, mapping, and game server enthusiasts who come together in a friendly and collaborative environment to enjoy their shared hobby.

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