MCC Island Community

One of the best MCC Island (MCCI) discord servers out there, featuring a party finder, giveaways and tournaments!

MCC Island Community

Created: August 04, 2022

Members: 1947

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We’re one of the largest MCC Island fan Discord servers, with 1400 members and counting! We run tournaments every couple of weeks, either with balanced or chosen teams of 4. Don’t care about tournaments? We also run other events regularly, such as MCCI game nights, challenge grids and party games like Among Us!

We have a chill community, with little toxicity surrounding tournaments and player skill levels. Whilst you won’t earn much from our tournaments, you’re sure to have a lot of fun playing in them, whether you’re playing with people you know or a team of 3 random others!

Be sure to check out our server if you’re a fan of MCC Island!
We aren’t related to Noxcrew, our server is not official and is run by fans of the Noxcrew’s work.

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