Mercenary Gaming

Friendly community of 7 Days to Die players. Several game servers available for new to experienced players.

Mercenary Gaming

Created: May 10, 2017

Members: 2564

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We’re a dedicated server host for the zombie survival crafting game 7 Days to Die. We host several servers ranging from mild to wild in difficulty. Currently, we host 5 PvE servers. Most of our servers are free to play, with the exception of our VIP server. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment for players to have a fun time and learn the game. Our servers have settings and mods custom tailored to help new players have the best possible experience.
If you haven’t yet tried one of our servers, and you’re new to the game, check out our Noob Friendly PvE server!
We have many friendly community members and helpful staff if you encounter any issue or have a question in game.

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