MFWG™ 300x Loot Network Dayz Servers

Welcome to MFWG! We are a high loot DayZ server network for Playstation! We have Chernarus, Livonia, and weekly events!

MFWG™ 300x Loot Network Dayz Servers

Created: July 16, 2021

Members: 1952

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The MFWG 300x Loot network is a group of currently four servers for the video game known as DayZ, running on the PS4/PS5 consoles.

We operate 4 servers with a map for Livonia and Chernarus, a customized mid range to close quarters TDM server, and another server for various events (CTF, Parkour, Races, etc) We stream our PVP events so that everyone is able to join in on the fun!

By joining this server you will gain access to the economy system, the in game trader, other players that you could connect and team up with, events and most importantly the rules for the server, knowledge of which could prevent an untimely expulsion from the server.

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