Midgard Adventures

Midgard Adventures runs D&D 5e games in the Midgard setting where players can gather to socialize, talk lore, and game.

Midgard Adventures

Created: May 10, 2018

Members: 2088

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Midgard Adventures is a cooperative group that runs regular organized play games online and in public places (IRL) where players can gather to socialize and game.  We are the official organized play group and Discord community for Kobold Press.  
Core Beliefs

We believe that supporting & promoting people in the gaming community is a much better use of our time than attempting to compete with other organized play groups.  When everything is a competition, everyone loses out.
The great thing about the RPG gaming community is that people can support multiple organized play programs at once.  Our mission is to get people around the table playing games and creating a shared story-telling experience.

Code of Conduct & Safety Tools
We have a comprehensive code of conduct for Midgard Adventures, which applies to our online, “in real life” (IRL), and convention games. We most certainly value player safety in this group.

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

We offer Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition organized play games using the Midgard Campaign Setting published by Kobold Press.

Online and IRL games are announced on our Discord Server.  

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