The official server for Midjourney, a text-to-image AI where your imagination is the only limit.

Created: January 02, 2020

Members: 4079916

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Midjourney is a new emerging text-to-image AI that brings your imagination into reality. Simply submit a text prompt and the bot will generate a beautiful piece of art in under 60 seconds.

This community is ready and eager to help you with anything Midjourney related. Explore our resource channels, prompt-crafting forum and support channels, where our team of guides is ready to help you around the server.

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One thought on “Midjourney

  1. Tried communicating via discord bot and forum. Not able to get through. Want to swap plan from the 30 to 10$ plan. Have not been able to do so. Reach subscription page and try to initiate change but no luck ….just get endless spinning wheel.

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