MKECord is a digital community for the city of Milwaukee WI and surrounding area meant locals and visitors to the area!


Created: January 27, 2018

Members: 2704

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The Milwaukee Discord, MKECord for short, was created to be a digital community for the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It started as a hub for locals to meet and discuss city events and happenings and has since expanded to include visitors and friends from around the country. The server is a great way to:

– Meet new friends in Milwaukee
– Find local Milwaukee events
– Attend regular meetups and activities
– Discuss local Milwaukee politics
– Aaaaand more

If you’re looking for new ways to explore the city or new people to do it with whether you’ve lived here your whole life or are just visiting, this is the place for you.

Come in, say hi and enjoy the good life!

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