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Mobile Legends: North America

Created: May 28, 2023

Members: 1022

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# Are you struggling to find teammates/Squad in MLBB?
Try our community for MLBB! We have chatting, sharing, as well as voice channels.

**We have…**
– __Fast match-ups__ with other members of the player using our team up channel filled with active members. Give a game ping and a member may play with you right away!

– __Custom VC__ including multiple music bots with good quality music playing and members that can join you to talk in VC

– __Frequent tournaments__ with multiple chances to fight against each other for a reward. Tag your friends along to beat other players!

– __Events almost all the time__ to earn rewards like our server currency or even in game diamonds and skins. Easy events are held such as playing 5v5, play with a member for a reward, and last to leave VC!

This is a community Squad ! You Don’t Have To Join The Squad In MLBB To Be Part Of Our Squad!

We Do Not Allow Toxic Player!

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